Food for the mind: Celebrate Yourself!

How much time, in an average week, do you spend celebrating yourself? Go ahead, be honest. I won’t lie—I probably spend less than an hour or so each week really focusing on me. I think we all deserve a little more love than we give ourselves. Between work, family, relationships, and being social it’s easy to forget about #1 (that means you!).

So let’s change that. I pledge to make a conscious effort spending more me time, and I want you to do the same. Celebrating yourself boosts your mood, self-image and overall feelings of well-being!

To get started on this journey, here are 20 ways to love yourself:

  1. Meditate for 10 minutes every morning, while focusing on something about yourself you love. Heck, just make your mantra “I love me!”
  2. Look through your closet and throw out 5 pieces of clothing that don’t make you love yourself when worn! If you don’t feel great in them, why bother wearing them?
  3. Go shopping for a new outfit that makes you feel confident, happy and bold!
  4. Eat super-healthy and vitamin-rich foods like avocado, chickpeas, grilled chicken, and vegetables like tomato and cucumber.
  5. Fake it till you make it. When you feel down, fake a smile! Before you know it, your mood will lift.
  6. Keep a list of doable goals, both short and long term. When you achieve them, you’ll feel successful and confident in your own abilities!
  7. Get in a quick half-hour of exercise every day. Go for a swim, take your dog for a walk, go jogging, anything!
  8. Take yourself out for dinner and a movie. Maybe even send yourself some flowers!
  9. Clean your house. A clean room is a clear mind!
  10. Every time you catch yourself thinking a self-deprecating thought, put a dollar in a jar. Eventually, you’ll have a ‘celebrate yourself’ fund!
  11. Feeling blue? Spend a few minutes on YouTube watching videos of cute animals. Guaranteed smiles.
  12. Treat yourself to lunch. Why not try the healthy and holistic Mediterranean diet at Mezza Grill?
  13. Stuck, bored or tired at work? Doodle something happy. Studies show it will boost your mood!
  14. Do yoga. Not only does it relieve stress but it also offers time to be completely focused on you—your body, breathing, thoughts, etc.
  15.  Think of one thing you are grateful for every day.
  16. Bask in the sun while reading a good book. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!
  17. Learn to say ‘no.’ Don’t take on more than you can reasonably accomplish, and watch your stress melt away!
  18. Make a playlist of upbeat music you love and dance to it!
  19. Pick up a tearjerker movie and let the tears roll in. Crying is a great release for stress.
  20. For a quick shot of adrenaline, jump up and down a few times or run up a staircase. Instant endorphins mean an instant good mood!

To me, Start The Cycle means starting to love who you are, in mind and body. Have any more tips for celebrating yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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