Testimonial #1: Tony Started the Cycle

Field MuseumToday is an exciting day because we received our first testimonial! Tony from guysandgoodhealth.com sent in his story about his journey to health. If you want your testimonial and blog featured on Start the Cycle please fill out the contact form in our Let’s Hear your Story post– we would love to share your story.

Tony’s Story:

“This is my fourth year of blogging on good health as represented in healthy eating and exercise. I think the most valuable concepts I have learned in those years are to understand the importance of portion control and that exercise is not optional. Continue reading


Let’s Hear your Story!

There are days when I don’t want to get up because my soft cotton sheets are gluing me to my bed. I know that I need to go exercise or make a good meal, but instead there is a bag of chips by my bedside and I decide to be lazy for the day. Instead of having an extremely unproductive day I decide to look up fitness blogs or photos of people exercising on instagram because I need motivation to get out of bed and jump start my day. Continue reading