Don’t Damage the Diet!

Last week we posted the benefits of Mediterranean diet; and because we want to keep our integrity we of course have to give you information on the drawbacks of Mediterranean diet. We don’t want to necessarily call them “drawbacks,” but rather important things to be aware of about the Mediterranean diet. We hope that this will not discourage you from choosing a Mediterranean lifestyle because the benefits definitely out-weigh the drawbacks. Nonetheless, we’re still going to inform you!

Be Aware Folks!

Portion control

Portion control

Components within a Mediterranean diet include eating leafy vegetables and getting the proper intake of oils and nuts. Drinking a glass of wine is also included within a Mediterranean meal. But, it is important to know when you are drinking too much wine. People are known to drink too much which can lead to excessive drinking. It is important to understand that a moderate amount of wine is 5 ounces for women and 10 ounces for men, according to So remember to stick to one glass or simply have a glass of grape fruit juice, which is said to offer the same benefits as red wine.

Another problem with Mediterranean diet is that you eat less dairy and meat when you practice a Mediterranean diet, which can result in not receiving enough calcium or iron in your diet. Iron deficiency can lead to weakness and fatigue, and low levels of calcium can lead to bone disease. Ways to improve this situation include drinking skim milk instead of whole or low-fat milk, choosing fat-free dairy products, and choosing leafy vegetables rich in iron.

Weight gain due to high-fat foods is a concern about choosing a Mediterranean diet. Although the fats within Mediterranean foods are considered “healthy” fats, people can still feel discouraged by the weight gained by consuming these fats. One thing to remember is that weight loss is not the only determinant of a healthy lifestyle. But a solution to this issue is to eat only a handful of nuts per day and avoid nuts coated in sugar or salt. Also, you should be mindful of how much olive and canola oil you use to cook.

Control those Portions!

Portion control is key! One of the reasons that Americans have trouble following a Mediterranean diet is because many modify the diet and do not use proper portion control. As stated by, Americans can underestimate how many calories they consume by as much as 25%. According to the USDA, one serving equals one slice of whole grain or 3-4 crackers, so remember that when you have the urge to eat more great Mediterranean food.

Here’s some tips on how to control your portions:

  • Don’t eat while preparing- resist the temptation to taste your food while preparing it
  • Don’t eat too quickly
  • Don’t let your mind fool you into thinking you’re hungry- be active to distract the urge to eat more
  • Split up your meals

I hope this has helped so you may have a healthier Mediterranean diet. And remember to eat well, but not too much, be well, and #StartTheCycle


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