Free Your Mind!

Hello everyone! We hope you enjoyed your holiday, and for our Chicagoland readers we hope you stopped by at Mezza Grill to celebrate the 4th with us! If you tried our fruit popsicle recipe send in your reviews, we’d love to hear them!

If you’ve been reading our past posts you’ve noticed a common theme of healthy living. We want to provide you information and a support system to live a healthy life whether that is through Mediterranean recipes or tips on fitness. But there is more to being healthy than diet and exercise– your mind is a key component as well. We believe that in order to live a balanced life there must be a balance of mind and body.

Why Does it Matter?

The mind and the body are interconnected and not only do we need a healthy body but a healthy mind as well. You can be extremely fit and active, but what good is that if you are facing emotional stress and unhappiness? There are studies about the importance of yin and yang and groups of people that practice meditation in order to achieve harmony and balance. Simply put, by putting healthy foods into your body that make you feel good you will begin to feel healthy internally and externally. It is a cycle; by eating well you feel good and by feeling good you have more motivation to eat better and exercise. Eat well, be well, and start the cycle, that’s what it means!


Stay balanced! Balancing mind and body.

What Can I do?

If you still haven’t been able to have a balance of mind and body don’t get discouraged. We’ve found different ways to develop a healthy mind:

  • Get sleep- a restless mind can add to your stress. Give your mind a break and make sure you get the proper amount of sleep.
  • Spend time with us- sometimes all you need is company for a healthier mind. Enjoy time with your loved ones.
  • Enjoy the simpler things- be grateful for the small things in your life. This can decrease your stress levels.
  • Smile!- it’s easier to smile than to frown and it actually boosts your mood.
  • Relaxation through music- you don’t need to meditate to relax, sometimes laying down and blasting music is just the thing to ease your mind.

Try these new techniques and see your life change for the better because a healthy mind is just the start towards a healthier lifestyle. By smiling more and eating well you are that much closer to being fit and healthy. Do you have any other ways to have a healthy mind? Share it with us and please be sure to send your testimonials in. Details are on the sidebar of the homepage under Share your Story. Have a great day, everybody, and #StartTheCycle!


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