Calling all Chicago People: The Best Gyms in your Area!

Each day that I work in the city my love for Chicago grows. There are so many great things to do whether it’s exploring architecture, going to a museum, or even eating at our Mediterranean restaurant Mezza Grill! One important thing to do in the city is exercise. People are always busy in the city: when they’re not at work they are making quick stops to McDonald’s or taking the bus instead of walking to their destinations. We need to remember to be active–and what better way to do that then hit the gym!

Here are some of the top gyms in the Chicagoland area. The monthly membership fees are under $80, according to Hopefully you can give them a try so you can be fit and feel great!

Best Gyms


  1. Fitness Formula Clubs: This gym has nine locations equipped with weight rooms, cardio machines, rock-climbing walls, and more! It also has free parking, onsite baby care, and  full-service spas! Fitness Formula Clubs may be a luxurious way to work out but it comes with a price: the cost is $65-$80 a month with a $99-$260 initiation fee. Yowza!

Xsport-Fitness-Logo-Color2. Xsport Fitness: For those going the cheaper route, Xsport is the way to go! The Lake View location has 34 trainers on staff, mainly because Xsport’s focus is personal training. The nice thing is apparently some trainers are ex-NFL players and Big Ten conditioning coaches. Knowing me, I’d go there just for trainer eye-candy (just kidding, but not really). The cost is $49 a month with a $35 initiation fee.

cheetah3.Cheetah Gym: The Cheetah Gym is known for its high quality machines with many well-known brands. Each machine also has a flat-screen T.V. for those of you who like to watch shows and exercise. I know I do! The gym also has personal touches like free morning coffee and coin-operated washers and dryers. The cost is $59 a month with a $49 initiation fee.

id4. i.d. Gym: This gym only has one location in Lincoln Park, but it’s a great place to go for unique fitness groups. Interesting sessions include Fly Yoga, the Caveman Workout, and Parkour! With these innovative group classes, it is no surprise the cost is $65 a month with a $149 initiation fee.

5. Edgewater Athletic Club EAC_logo: Edgewater is located on W. Granville and is a gym that was converted from an empty space to a neighborhood gym. It has a 20-yard indoor pool and indoor steam room. It isn’t the most lavish gym but it gets the job done! It costs $59 a month with no initiation fee.

If any of you are members of these gyms, what’s your review on them? Are there any gyms you would be interested in giving a try? Let us know your thoughts and comment below!

Also, just as a reminder please send in your testimonials. It’s great to share your stories with others and we would love to fill this blog with thousands of them! You can find the contact forum on our homepage on the sidebar! Eat well, live well, and start the cycle!


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